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Getting to Oahu is relatively easy since you have only two options. You can travel by plane or Cruise Ship. Virtually every major airline in the United States and many other airlines world wide offer direct flights to Honolulu International Airport. Honolulu International Airport is just outside of downtown Honolulu and a short 20-30 minute drive to Waikiki. There is a free shuttle that operates between terminals every 10 to 15 minutes called the "wiki-wiki shuttle. Oahu airport transportaion is also very simple. If you are on a budget and don't have a lot of luggage, you can easily get the city bus called "The Bus" from the airport to Waikiki for only $2.00 per person. Otherwise you can catch a Waikiki Shuttle bus that will drop you off right at your hotel and then pick you up for your return trip home for about $12.00 - $15.00 roundtrip. Ilima Airport shuttle is a great choice for transportation from the airport to your hotel. you can check out their rates here. Illima Airport Arrival Shuttle .

2012 is a great time to get a really good airfare to Honolulu. With the gas prices a bit lower, you can find really cheap airfare right now for the rest of the year. check out Booking Buddy. I already got my airfare for July 4th for $386.00 round trip from LAX. The best way to find "cheap-airfares-to-Honolulu" is to shop around. Many times you can find a package deal including acommodations in Waikiki for a little more than airfare alone. A good resource for finding flights, Honolulu vacation packages and Oahu travel deals is Booking Buddy. You can now check for flights, hotels, cars and packages and even book your reservations by clicking the banner below.

I always seem to find cheap-airfares-to-Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines. Sometimes, it is cheaper on other airlines but Hawaiian Airlines is my favorite because the airline staff is very friendly and seem to genuinely love their jobs. That makes a 5 1/2 hour flight a wonderful experience. I have also added a kayak search engine so you can search more than 300 travel sites to find cheap airfare to Honolulu or cheap flights wherever you may want to travel in the future. I am not making money from these sites, I am giving you the most options to find the cheapest fares available. It is worth checking out these sites to compare.

Hawaiian Airlines Official Website

Another great option for your trip to Oahu is on a cruise ship. Imagine cruising from the mainland and seeing the Aloha Tower for the first time like the passengers during the early boat days did. Hawaiian Cruises are relatively inexpensive and a great way to travel. You get your transportation, great meals, nice comfortable room, shows and entertainment, all for one price. To read more about Hawaiian cruises Click Here. If you would like to check out airfare and hotel and or package deals, you should use travelocity. I have booked about 95% of my travel through travelocity. It is a very easy site to use. If I am just looking for a hotel, I use the Hotel search engine page on Discover-Oahu. It also searches travelocity. Otherwise for package deals, use travelocity. Whatever way you travel, you are in for an awesome trip. I hope you find "CHEAP-AIRFARES-TO-HONOLULU".

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