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Many Visitors choose to discover Maui on a day trip from Oahu. Although Maui is much less congested than Oahu, it still offers a large variety of attractions and activities.

With 120 miles of coastline and more accessible sandy beaches than any other Hawaiian island, you will surely find your “perfect beach”. Maui has plenty of tropical rainforests that are great for hiking.

Early risers find it an exhilarating experience to see the sunrise from the top of the 10,00 foot dormant volcano Haleakala (House of the sun).

Seven Sacred Pools in Hana

The most popular and scenic way to discover Maui is by driving the scenic road to Hana. If you like waterfalls, this is a must do drive. You will drive past hundreds of waterfalls along the side of the road. Another good choice is Maui Ocean Center. This is a really great way to see Maui and the rest of Hawaii’s sea creatures including the tiger shark. You can learn to surf in Maui, snorkel off of Molokini, Scuba dive off of Molokini, go horseback riding, parasailing, zip lining or just learn more about the traditional Hawaiian cultures. A great way to learn more about Hawaiian culture is to go to a Luau. There are a few really good Luau's on the Island of Maui.

Drums Of The Pacific Luau At The Hyatt Regency - CLICK HERE!

These Luaus will be discussed further on the Maui attractions pages. Another fun thing to do in the evening is to see a show. There are a few really great live shows on Maui. One is a really great magic show that mixes magic with Hawaiian culture and hula. These shows will also be discussed further on the attractions pages. To learn more about Maui’s activities, beaches and attractions, see the column on the right

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