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You can Discover Molokai by car and get a good taste for the island in one day. Since Molokai is relatively small, 38 miles long and 10 miles wide, it is a great Island to visit on a one day fly/drive. Since Molokai has very little nightlife, you will not miss much by visiting for just one day. It is important to try and decide what you would like to see most on the island and try and stick to your plan. The pages listed in the right column will help you learn what Molokai has to offer and decide what you would like to see. The most famous site in Molokai is Kalaupapa. Kalaupapa is a state park that was once Hawaii’s leper colony. The best way to reach Kalaupapa is by mule. If you are an avid photographer, the lush Halawa valley is the best way to discover Molokai. The halawa valley is surrounded by some of the highest cliffs in the world and there are hundreds of waterfalls and hidden temples within the valley. Hike the two miles to Mooula falls, for some awesome photos of the two tiered waterfall. Another way to enjoy Molokai is by enjoying on of the activities that are offered such as kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving or horseback riding. There are some one day adventures at really good prices at the link below.

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If you just choose to relax and see Molokai your way, just follow the highway for a leisurely drive and stop and do some sunbathing on one of Molokai’s secluded beaches. Be sure to stop at a store in Kaunakakai and pick up some water, sodas and food for a nice picnic lunch along your drive. There are lots of nice picnic spots throughout Molokai.

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