Flowers-Of-Oahu Slideshow 2012

This Slideshow is just a sample of some of the Flowers-of-Oahu that we saw in March 2012. We saw torch ginger, pink pineapple flowers, plumeria, hibiscus, anthurium, orchids, ginger, periwinkles and many other fantastic flowers while we were hiking to Manoa falls and while strolling in Queen Kapiolani park. I hope to add many more photos as time allows. I had just bought this new camera and was not really familiar with it so the pictures are not as nice as they could have been. Just imagine the tropical breeze and the wonderful smell of the flowers while watching the show. If you have not been to Oahu, you are missing a wonderful experience. If you have been there, I know you will want to return again and again. Enjoy the photos and sample of Hawaiian Music.

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