Discover Gay Oahu

Discover Gay Oahu!

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The Hawaiian Islands have always been one of the best gay friendly vacation spots in the world. “Gay Oahu” , as many call it, is the center of all the action. Hawaii is “The crossroads of the Pacific” which means that thousands of gay and lesbian travelers visit Hawaii all year long. There are thousands of hot men and beautiful women from every corner of the earth flying into Honolulu International airport each day. There are also plenty of hot locals to make you feel welcome. The Hawaiian Islands have over 200,00 gay and lesbian residents. Most of these residents live on the island of Oahu. Beside the gay and lesbian residents on Oahu, several hundred thousands of gay and lesbian vacationers visit the Island of Oahu each year bringing a combined average of gays and lesbians to a whopping 9 million at any given time, which is why the name Gay Oahu is fitting.

The best and most popular gay bars and nightclubs in Oahu are found right in Waikiki. There are plenty of other activities for gay and lesbian visitor in Oahu besides the bar scene. There are beautiful beaches throughout Oahu including some of the best gay beaches to be found anywhere in the Islands. There are gay hikes and gay hiking clubs that go on different hikes each week. There is a gay catamaran cruise that sets sail every Sunday. The hotels in Oahu are all gay friendly, but some are “friendlier” and closer to the gay scene. There is one exclusively gay only hotel in Oahu. There is also a Gay gym and spa located in Waikiki. There are loads of gay friendly restaurants to fit any budget and there are some really great gay or gay friendly shops to pick up some unique souvenirs. If you are interested in tours, there is also a gay travel agency on in Waikiki. If you are taking a trip to Oahu, you should try to support the Gay owned and Gay friendly businesses.


Have a great trip!

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