Hiking On Maui

Hiking on Maui is awesome and there are literally hundreds of hiking trails throughout Maui, but since the rainforest is so dense, I suggest a State trail when hiking here. The most fun I have had when Hiking on Maui was a trail I found along the highway to Hana. Note: This is not a State Trail!

Just past mile marker #6 you will see a thicket of Bamboo. Pull off the side of the road and find a place to enter this awesome trail. You will walk through the bamboo forest until you come across at least two waterfalls. I did not go further due to time restrictions. My friends that were with me thought that this little hike was the highlight of our trip.


1. Iao Needle lookout trail and ethno botanical loop

This is an easy .6 mile hike in a wet valley. The elevation gain is only 200 feet. This paved trail provides a scenic viewpoint of the 1200 ft Ioa Needle. The trail follows the stream and crosses a bridge and then continues to the lookout point. There are plenty of plants and flowers on the way.

The next four trails are in Polpoli Spring State Recreation area. They also form a 3.5 mile loop worth hiking.

2. Haleakala Ridge Trail

This is a moderate 1.6 mile trail with an elevation gain of 850 feet. The trail begins above Polipoli Springs State Recreation area at 6,500 foot elevation. The trail passes through tall grassy areas, pine forests, rough cinders and native scrub brush. The panoramic views at the elevation are spectacular.

Haleakala Hike - CLICK HERE!

3. Plum Trail

Plum Trail is a Moderate 1.7 mile hike through forest terrain with an elevation gain of 600 feet. The trailhead begins at the Civilian Conservation Corp. area. The hike gradually climbs through a forest of ash, sage, redwood and fruit bearing plum trees. The plums ripen in the summer months.

4. Polipoli Trail

This is a moderate .6 mile hike through a mountain forest with a 200 foot elevation gain. The trailhead starts at Polipoli Springs Recreation area and winds through a dense forest of pines, cedars and cypress trees. The trail ends on a grassy plain with very nice views.

5. Redwood Trail

This is a moderate 1.7 mile mountain forest terrain hike with an elevation of 900 feet. The trailhead starts at Polipoli Springs Recreation area at 6200 feet. The trail winds around the forest through conifers and junipers. You will end your hike back down at the Civil Conservation Corps area where Plum Trail starts.

6. Wai’anapanapa State Park

Ke Ala Loa O Maui / Pi ilani trail

Hiking on Maui would not be complete without hiking along the coast. This is a moderate 3 mile hike on a rugged coastal trail made up mostly of lava with a 200 foot elevation gain. The trailhead starts at the shoreline within the park. Along this hike you will pass ancient burial grounds and Ohala Heiau. The views of the Hana coast and Mt. Haleakala are spectacular. Once you have reached Boulder Beach, you have come to the end of the trail. If you want to continue on, you will end up at Hana Bay. If you do not want to continue just retrace your steps back to Pailoa Bay.

Rainforest and Waterfall Hike - CLICK HERE!

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