The Iolani Palace is a very important part of Hawaiian-American history because it is the only Royal Palace in the United States. The Palace was built by King Kalakaua and Queen Kapiolani. The Palace was completed in 1882 and the design was mostly influenced by all of the building designs that King Kalakaua saw and liked during his world travels. This Palace was the first palace in the world to be equipped with electric lights and a telephone. The Palace was the last home to the Kings and Queens of Hawaii. In 1893 American businessmen overtook the palace and Queen Liliuokalani was dethroned and Hawaii became a US Territory. This Palace became the Capitol of this new territory and in 1959 when Hawaii became a state, the Palace remained the State Capitol. The new State Capitol was built in 1969 in Honolulu and the Palace was restored to her original Royal Grandeur. On the Palace grounds you will also find the Iolani Royal Barracks, The Royal Tomb, The Coronation Pavilion and the Iolani gift shop.

Tour Hours:
Tuesday- Saturday-----9:00am until 2:15pm
45 minute guided tour starts every 15 minutes

Children 5-12 years old-$5.00
Under 5 years old not admitted.

Palace barracks

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