Kauai Activities

Kauai is a lush beautiful island to explore and enjoy some great Kauai Activities on an island that is quite different from the other islands in the Hawaiian chain. Here are some great Kauai activities the will make your vacation a truly memorable experience.

1. Helicopter Ride Over Waimea Canyon or The Na’Pali Coast

Get a Birdseye view of parts of Kauai that are inaccessible to other forms of transportation. See Kauai’s many hidden waterfalls that plunge from the rugged Na’Pali Cliffs. Fly over Waimea Canyon “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and swoop down to see spectacular waterfalls and crevices. This is the best Island to take a helicopter tour. Check out the options below.

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2. Zip line through Kauai’s backcountry

You will be driven to Kauai’s backcountry where you will then be taken on a 30 minute narrated 4 wheel drive tour where you will see the reason Kauai is known as the Garden Island. You will then be briefed on the zip line course and then you are on your way to the most exhilarating Kauai activity you could dream of. The course is seven zip lines and you will traverse each one. You will get amazing views of Kauai’s rainforests, mountains and lush countryside as you zoom past all of this greenery on your journey to the end of the course. After you complete the zip line course, you will be taken to a nice quiet stream where you can have lunch or take a dip in the clear cool mountain pool. Check out the zip line adventure below.

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3. Kayaking on Wailua River

This Kauai activity is a lot of fun. The Wailua river is an awesome place to kayak. You can kayak from Wailua Falls down the Wailua river past the Fern Grotto. The Wailua River is Hawaii’s only navigable river where you can kayak through a lush green “rainforest-like” area. See more about this adventure below.

Wailua Waterfall Kayak and Hike Adventure!

4. Wailua River and Fern Grotto

Kauai has become famous for the Wailua River and Fern Grotto. Take an entertaining cruise up the river and then a short walk through a beautiful flowered forest area to the Fern Grotto. The Grotto is a natural lave cave-like amphitheatre that has ferns growing upside down from the ceiling. The grotto’s Natural acoustics are demonstrated as the talented musicians and singers perform the Hawaiian Wedding song. Learn more about this tour below.

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5. Smiths Tropical Paradise Luau

This is a really great Kauai activity. You will be taken from your hotel to the Wailua River banks where you will enter the gardens where the Luau takes place. You will be treated to a tram ride through the beautiful garden where you will see lagoons teeming with fish, exotic peacocks, the endangered "singing tree duks," and view over 20 types of fruit in the orchard.
The Luau begins with the Imu ceremony (Uncovering the cooked pig). Then, sit back and enjoy cocktails, as tables are dismissed one at a time to go through the international buffet. Wonderful Hawaiian musicians entertain you throughout the dinner hour. At 8:00 the torch lighting ceremony begins at the lagoon amphitheatre. The night blooming lilies also open up at this time. Performers will delight you with traditional songs and dance from Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Samoa, the Philippines, Japan and China.
The Luau Menu: Appetizer: three bean salad, garden isle greens, macaroni salad, namasu salad, lomilomi salmon Entrée: kalua pig, teriyaki beef, adobo chicken, sweet sour mahi mahi, poi, snowflake potatoes, oriental fried rice, assorted breads and butter, and the hot vegetable of the day Dessert: coconut cake, sweet potatoes, haupia, rice pudding, assorted fresh fruits, and jello Drinks: coffee, punch, soft drinks, Mai Tai, beer, wine, and standard bar beverages

Smith's Tropical Paradise Luau

This is surely a night you will remember and what a wonderful way to enjoy another Kauai activity.

6. Na’ Pali Coast Rafting

Rafting is a great Kauai activity and few people can say they have been rafting at the Na’Pali Coast. Na’Pali Coast is inaccessible by motor vehicle, so many people have not been to this area. This natural wonder can only be reached by helicopter, boat or by hiking into the area. Rafting in this area is a once in a lifetime experience.
Find out more about this awesome adventure at the following link.

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7. Snorkeling on the Na’Pali Coast

Another fantastic Kauai activity is snorkeling. Where else can you snorkel in a practically inaccessible area like the Na’Pali Coast. You will depart Port Allen in Ele'ele on a half million dollar state of the art catamaran. You will enjoy breakfast on board the boat while you will be taken past the stunning Na Pali cliffs. You will be given a history of the area and local legends will be told to you about the area. Once you anchor at the snorkeling spot, a scrumptious lunch will be served onboard the vessel. Enjoy the afternoon snorkeling in the crystal clear waters off the Na’Pali Coast. You may even get to see the spectacular humpback whales in the winter to springtime.
Find out more about this fantastic snorkeling trip at the link below

Captain Andy's Na'Pali Snorkel Picnic

8. Bike from the top of Waimea Canyon to the coast

What a fantastic Kauai activity. You adventure will start with a ride to the top of Waimea Canyon in a van. After enjoying the sunrise over Waimea Canyon and enjoying the fabulous views, you will be given your comfortable bike for your 12 mile ride through “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” all the way down to the blue Pacific Ocean. You'll stop along the way for photos and a narrative on history, culture, folklore and legends. Then, learn about what makes Kauai special when we get hands-on and identify native plants, birds and trees. This is a very special adventure. To find out more information on this fantastic adventure, see the link below.

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9. Kipu Ranch ATV Tour

Your adventure will begin after being taught to use the ATV and given some time to practice. After given your helmet and safety glasses, your adventure will begin. You will see many indigenous birds and other wildlife throughout the tour as well as experiencing the fantastic aromas of various tropical flowers and fruit trees such as Papaya, Guava, Mango, Rose Apples, Java Plums and Breadfruit as you travel through bamboo forests and fern grottos. You will learn the important medicinal uses of many of the Hawaiian plants as well as some history of the area. Kipu ranch is situated on 3,000 acres that extends from the Huleia River to the top of the Haupu Mountains. Hollywood has been filming movies at the ranch for years.

Some of the movies filmed here are:

Raiders of the Lost Arc
Six Days and Seven Nights
Jurassic Park
Mighty Joe Young

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10. Flumin Da Ditch Kauai Style

On this Kauai activity, you will experience the adventure of a lifetime. You will float on your tube through ditches, flumes and tunnels (with a headlamp to guide you). You will experience this private property that is not open to the public as you tube along Lihue’s old sugar plantation and into Kauai’s emerald green backcountry. You will see breathtaking views and fantastic tropical scenery as you make your way through the ditches and tunnels. This irrigation system was dug by hand in the mid 1870’s. Not many people are able to experience this type of tour. This tour is tremendously popular and often sells out weeks in advance. To find out more about this tour and reserve your spot, see the link below

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11. Take a Surfing Lesson

Learn to surf or stand up paddle from one of Hawaii’s professional surfers. You will be taken to Hanalei bay in the north shore or to Quarry Beach in East Kauai depending on the waves. You are guaranteed that you will be up and surfing in no time. There are a few surfing schools in Kauai and you can find out more information on each one of them at the link below.

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12. Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sip on tropical drinks and enjoy a delicious buffet dinner as you travel along Kauai's Na’Pali Coast. View waterfalls, lush valleys and sea caves, all topped off with a spectacular Hawaiian sunset. This trip includes your buffet dinner and your bar drinks. What a fabulous way to end your day on the beautiful island of Kauai.

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Whatever Kauai activity you choose, you are assured of having a great time with great people. Kauai is a beautiful island and a great place to enjoy a new adventure.

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