Lanai Fun Facts

Lanai Facts

Here is a list of Lanai fun facts that you can use for your next school report, making travel plans or to impress you friends with your knowledge.

1. In the past, Lanai was known as the pineapple island. Today there is just over 90 acres of pineapple fields, so may people have referred to Lanai as the “Secluded Island”.

2. The population of Lanai is 3193.

3. . Lanai has one large city called Lanai City. The island’s only airport is located in Lanai City. Of the 3100 islanders, 2818 of them live in Lanai City.

4. Lanai is 18 miles long and 13 miles wide. There is a total of 141 square miles.

5. Lanai has 47 miles of pristine coastline.

6. Only 2% of the island is owned by the State of Hawaii. The other 98% is owned by Castle and Cooke (more familiarly known as Dole).

7. Lanai’s average annual rainfall is 37 - 50 inches, making it one of the dryer Hawaiian Islands.

8. The highest point in Lanai is Mount Lanaihale which is 3370 feet high. The lanai hale rainforest is located just below the peak.

9. Lanai only has 3 hotels.

10. In 1994 Microsoft founder Bill Gates rented the entire island for his wedding.

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