These Lanikai Beach Photos will show you why Lanikai Beach is my pick for the best beach in Oahu! Lanikai beach has a very different type of sand. It is white sand that is very powdery to the touch. It almost feels like flour or powdered sugar. I have never found another beach in Hawaii or anywhere else that is quite like Lanikai Beach. It is away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and does not have a large parking lot and a lot of tourists. You must park on the street in a residential neighborhood and walk between the houses to reach the beach. If you go to Oahu, I suggest you take the #55 bus and go to Lanikai beach. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Make sure you take something to drink because there are no fountains or restrooms. If you like Lanikai Beach, Kailua beach park is right next to Lanikai and it is probably the second best beach on the Island. Most of these photos were taken at Lanikai Beach, but a few were taken at Kailua Beach. Enjoy the Lanikai Beach slideshow with a sample of some Hawaiian Music below!

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