Molokai Attractions

Molokai attractions and activities include a mule ride to Kalaupapa, Hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, Horseback riding, kayaking and picture taking. Below are a list of must see and do Molokai adventures.

1. Kalaupapa

The most famous (or infamous) Molokai attraction is Kalaupapa. Kalaupapa is the secluded part of Molokai that was once Hawaii’s Leper colony. This historic site can be reached by hiking down the two and one half miles of stairways and switchbacks or by riding a mule three miles down along sheer cliff into the isolated valley. The history of Kalaupapa has become known worldwide.

2. Hiking

Hiking in Molokai is an awesome adventure. You can choose from a lush valley to an eerie misty bog, or hike to a leper colony. You can read more about Molokai’s hiking trails by clicking the banner above.

3. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are great Molokai activities. The southern shore of Molokai is Hawaii’s longest reef. The reef is 28 miles long and full of various types of coral that thousands of colorful fish call home. You can rent snorkeling equiptment and can arrange scuba diving tours at the banner on the top of the page.

4. Kayaking

Kayaking is fun on Molokai because there are a lot of great places to kayak on the island. One of the most unforgettable kayaking experiences is the Paalau Reef Kayaking trip. You have a choice of a single kayak or a 2 seat tandem kayak. Once you paddle your kayak out to Hawaii’s largest reef, you will enjoy time snorkeling among Molokai’s colorful fish and the island’s giant green sea turtles. After snorkeling you will be towed back to the wharf. You can find out more information by clicking the banner on the top of the page .

5. Halawa Valley

One of the greatest Molokai attractions for the photographer is Halawa Valley. Halawa Valley is three to four miles deep and one half mile wide. The valley is surrounded by steep cathedral-like cliffs that are full of amazing waterfalls. There are hidden temples throughout the valley and over 200 rare plants and many variety of birds ( a few that are near distinction). This lush valley is a photographer’s paradise. If you want beautiful ocean vistas, the views on the way down to Kalaupapa are incredible. There is a great tour geared for amateur and professional photographers available at the link on top of the page. (this tour is not cheap).

6. Horseback Riding

Another Molokai activity is horseback riding. Although Molokai Ranch stills owns a vast amount of property on Molokai, it closed it’s operation in 2008. The only place to go horseback riding on the island is Puu O Hoku Ranch. Puu O Hoku ranch is a 14,000 acre working cattle ranch located on Molokai’s east side. Horses can be rented to ride in the ranch’s forests, pastures or the beach along the coast near the ranch.

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