Oahu transportation comes in numerous forms. Which ever way you choose will be fun and easy.

Oahu transportation includes: Walking, car rental, the bus, moped rental, bicycle rental, tour bus, or the Waikiki Trolley.

One of the best and most informative ways to discover Oahu is by Hawaii's #1 tour service, Roberts Hawaii. Among other tours, they offer a fully narrated circle island tour for less than $50.00.

Arizona Memorial & Circle Island Tour 

Car rentals are available at Honolulu International Airport and various convenient locations throughout Honolulu and Waikiki. One or two day car rentals are great if you ar going to explore the north shore, the Pali lookout or drive around the whole island. I don't like to rent a car for more than one or two days because the hotels sometimes charge upwards of $12.00 per day for parking. Also if you are just going to stay in the local area it is frustrating and stressful trying to drive and navigate a map on busy highways. Wasn't this vacation supposed to relieve stress? If you are going to rent a car, I have some good suggestions for a cheap car rental in Honolulu.

Cheap car rentals in Honolulu can be found at the airport and in the city.

You can also rent a moped or bicycle. I have rented a moped before and they are a lot of fun, but can be dangerous on busy city streets. You can only take them to certain areas in accordance with the contract you must sign. Bicycles are really not meant for the busy streets of Honolulu and Waikiki. Most people that rent bikes ride them on longer rides such as around the island. You can walk almost anywhere in Waikiki which in my opinion is great excercise and a lot of fun. I can usually walk any where from Diamond Head to Honolulu. Although this is great for Waikiki you will limit yourself from seeing the whole island and boy will you be missing the true natural beauty of Oahu.

The bus system simply called "The Bus" travels to all cities and most tourist attractions through out Oahu. The buses are clean, air conditioned and in excellent running condition. I have used the bus system extensively through out Oahu many, many times. Sometimes buses going to more popular destinations such as Hanauma bay fill up rapidly so you better get an eary start. The cost for the bus is $2.00 and you can circle the island for that price. "The Bus" also offers a four day "tourist pass" for $20.00. I also highly recommend picking up the "Guide to the Bus" which only costs $2.95. Both the "tourist pass" and the "guide to the bus" can be purchased at any ABC store in Oahu. If you haven't been to Oahu lately there is literally an ABC store on every block.

The trolley is a great experience for the first or second time visitor and a great way for families to discover Oahu. The Waikiki Trolley departs from various major hotels and has various sightseeing and shopping stops. You can get off at any stop and get on the next trolley when you want to move on. The Waikiki Trolley has four different lines with four different itineraries, including a great historic tour. Multi-day and multi-line passes are also available. In my opinion the best form of transportion is The Waikiki Trolley. If you haven't taken it before, it is a lot of fun.

Waikiki Trolley
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