Oahu accommodations? Well now we are talking about a huge variety of different type of place to stay. There is everything from a decent Honolulu hostel starting @ $16.00 per night to nice but cheap waikiki hotels.  There are hundreds of mid priced hotels in Waikiki and some expensive but wonderful Oahu luxury hotels.  There is also a choice of a number of great Oahu resorts and Oahu timeshare rentals.  There are hotels in Pearl city, Honolulu, The north shore, Aeia and many other populated cities of the island, but almost everybody will want to stay at Waikiki Beach or very close by. Waikiki is where all of the action is happening. I have stayed in Waikiki beach almost every time I have been to Oahu. The only exception is when I stayed one time on the north shore.

Accommodations also include camping, but I put that in a separate category all by itself. Oahu accommodations come in various styles and prices for every budget. The prices range from around $75.00 per night to around $1500.00 per night ( budget room vs. penthouse).

You can usually find a nice clean 3-4 star hotel in the middle of Waikiki for around $100.00 per night. I will recommend hotels from different price ranges in the links below. There are so many Oahu accommodations that I have added a Hotel Directory with all of the hotels in the Honolulu area on a separate page that can be reached by clicking the button on the side. The main thing to remember is that you will not be in the hotel all day long. You probably will only be in the room to sleep or take a shower. Why would you want to miss all of the fun going on outside?

In considering Hawaiian accommodations, a lot of people ask about Waikiki time-share rentals. I have added a section on time-share rentals because I know this has become a popular and cheap way to travel. These timeshare condominiums have microwaves, coffee makers, refrigerators and toasters. Some offer a lot more. You can save money by having some meals in the room instead of eating every meal in a restaurant. Please feel free to click on the link below to find the best prices on Hotels in Honolulu or any other destination.

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