Hop aboard the 48 passenger Atlantis Submarine for a 1 hour and 15 minute journey beneath the sea. Your voyage starts on the good ship Discovery, the shuttle boat that takes you from The Hilton Hawaiian Village to rendezvous with the submarine. Along the way you will be briefed on safety aboard the Submarine. Take your camera for some incredible photos of Diamond Head and Waikiki. Once you reach the rendezvous, you will board the Atlantis and take your seat next to one of the large view ports for an excellent view of the underwater world. You will see thousands of fish that inhabit the reefs built on ancient lava flows. Then you will descend 120 feet, where you will see sunken ships and airplanes along with natural and manmade reefs. Some of the sea life that is frequently seen are the Hawaiian green sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, yellow tangs, eels, along with many other species of underwater marine life.

Atlantis Submarine Adventure-Best Price!

 This is a great excursion not only for children but for the entire family. You will love being in this air conditioned submarine. Remember the fun you had in the Submarine at Disneyland? Well this one is real and you will see real sea life. This is the one and only submarine ride that is close to Waikiki. I took my nephew on the submarine 8 years ago and he still talks about it being the highlight of the trip. We were lucky and saw a reef shark and two rather large turtles. I have read some reviews on trip advisor where some people saw very little sea life and were disappointed. I guess you take your chances as the tour company cannot make the fish appear. It may also depend on when you go and what the water conditions are. The other folks I have talked to that have taken the tour, told me they had a great time.

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