Barbers Lighthouse

Barbers lighthouse is a 71 foot concrete structure that stands on Barbers Point outside of Kalaeloa on the southwest tip of West Oahu. Barbers Point and the lighthouse were named for Henry Barber whose ship sank after hitting a coral shoal. Six men of his 26 man crew lost their lives off of this point on October 31, 1796. A second wreck happened in 1855 when a French whale ship wrecked at the same spot after taking on supplies in Honolulu. The original lighthouse opened in 1888. A new lighthouse was built in 1933 and the old lighthouse was destroyed. The new lighthouse was first lit on December 29, 1933. The lighthouse became completely automated in 1964. There is no lighthouse keeper quarters and the lighthouse is not open to the public. This is a very picturesque lighthouse in a very beautiful area. On March 28, 2008, I attended Germaine's Luau next door to the Lighthouse. I was able to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful lighthouse at sunset. You will get a chance to see the lighthouse upclose if you book a luau at Germaine's. You can get a great price on this luau along with other luaus at the following link. I recommend going to a luau at least once since it is a old Hawaiian tradition. There is a link below to check out the Luau.


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