Central Oahu is the area between the Waianae Mountain range and the Ko’olau Mountain range. The south end is the Pacific Ocean and the North end is Wahiawa. Most of this area is agriculture. Here you will find coffee plantations and the worlds largest pineapple fields. Most of the fields raise pineapples for Dole and Del Monte The Dole Pineapple Plantation is located in the northernmost part of Central Oahu, Wahiawa. This is a working plantation which you can tour.

Wahiawa is also home to the Wahiawa Botanical Garden. Just a little west of Wahiawa is Schoefield Barracks. This is considered the most beautiful military base in the world. Schofield Barracks is where the movie “From Here To Eternity” was filmed. Kukaniloko is also located in here. This is where Royalty would come to give birth to their children. This area is marked by the large birthing stones. Kukaniloko is a nice place to visit in Central Oahu if you are a historical buff or if you would just like to see the way it was during the days of the Royal Monarchs.

Driving south your next stop is Pearl Harbor, the most visited site in Oahu. This is where the Japanese bombed Oahu and over 1100 American military men were killed. I suggest that everybody take the short boat trip to the USS Arizona Memorial and view the sunken ship and the names of all of the American Soldiers who are entombed there. You will view a short film about The bombing of Pearl Harbor and hear excerpts from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Day which will live in infamy speech. Another option to see Pearl Harbor is on board The Duck, which is an Amphibious truck from World War II. While in Pearl Harbor, you may want to visit the

USS Missouri Memorial which is the battleship where the peace treaty was signed that ended World War II. You can also visit a real World War II Submarine, named the USS Bowfin.

Across the street is the Aloha Bowl Stadium home of the Aloha Flea Market which is held three days per week. I highly recommend this flea market for the best prices on Hawaiian souvenirs. A few miles east is Pearl City. This is where you will find the largest indoor shopping mall in Oahu. It is actually two different malls connected by Hawaii’s only monorail. If you get the chance to ride the monorail, you will get awesome views of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial.

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Pearlridge Center or Pearlridge mall as the locals call it, is just a mile or so away and has over 170 stores, 2 food courts, 16 theatres, 2 arcades, 12 full service restaurants and a miniature golf course. You can get a great view of Pearl Harbor from the monorail that takes you from Pearlridge uptown to Pearlridge downtown.

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