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DK Steakhouse offers dry aged steaks cooked to perfection. This restaurant is chef owned and a great place to eat because the portions served are enough for two people. I have had steaks all over the world, but I believe the steak I had at this restaurant is probably one of the best I have ever had.

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Dk Steakhouse

Besides fantastic food, you get a great view of Waikiki Beach with your dinner. The aged steaks are aged for 15 days in house and melt in your mouth like butter. The restaurant is located inside the Waikiki Beach Marriott.

DK Steakhouse
2552 Kalakaua Ave.
Honolulu, HI. 96815



Chuck's Steakhouse in the Edgewater Hotel has always been a place to get a really good steak. Chuck (Charles Rolles) opened his first restaurant in Hawaii in 1959. The food has been great since. Patrons love the all you can eat salad bar. Chuck offers the finest aged western choice beef available. Their Steaks are cut fresh daily onsite.

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Chuck's Steakhouse

Chuck's Steakhouse
2168 Kalia Rd.
Waikiki, HI.
Phone: (808) 923-6111

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DK Steakhouse


“Never have I tasted a steak that was this good”

“Best steak ever”

“One word, Excellent”

“Fantastic steaks with great service and a Waikiki view”

“Great dinner, good location, great service”

“Best surf and turf my husband ever ate”

“Food was excellent too”

“A great spot for a great steak”

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Chuck's Steakhouse

“Wonderful location looking out on Waikiki beach with great food”

“Great View”

Always good”

“Good alternative when Duke’s is packed”

“Best views in Waikiki”

“Yummy filet mignon”

“Great date place”

“Overlooks Waikiki Beach”

“Enchanting location”

“Outrigger Waikiki Beach 2nd floor paradise”

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