Eggs N Things is a very popular breakfast only restaurant for a filling affordable breakfast. There is usually a line out front. This restaurant is very popular among locals and hotel workers because of their late hours. I recommend trying this restaurant for a great breakfast. They advertise that they have the best breakfast in Waikiki, you be the judge. The food is tasty and nobody will leave unfulfilled. That is their promise. They offer a breakfast menu that includes:


They start serving breakfast at 11:00pm and don’t stop until 2:00pm everyday. The owners Jerry and Jan Fukunaga insist on only using the finest and freshest ingredients in their breakfasts. Jerry is an avid fisherman and offers fresh fish daily. He catches mahi-mahi-, Ahi and Ono. They have a diet menu and they offer high fiber breakfast shakes. This restaurant has won numerous best breakfast awards from different publications around the island.

Located At:
1911-B Kalakaua Ave.
Honolulu, HI. 96815
Phone: (808) 949-0820


This Café has one of the largest and best tasting breakfasts I have had on the island. This place gets loud in the afternoon and evening, but it is a fun place to get a great breakfast or good dinner and a few tasty drinks. Moose Mc Guilicuddy's is a lot of fun for Happy Hour and they have really great specials for dinner every night of the week. I always stop at this place when I am in Waikiki. Bring your appetitie for a large breakfast.

Moose McGuillicuddy’s Pub and Café
310 Lewers St.
Waikiki, HI.

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Trip Advisor

Eggs N Things

“Great breakfast food for those that want to break away from overpriced hotel restaurants”

“Great start to a day in paradise”

“Good food, very small space”

“Great breakfast”

“Always Good”

"If you go to Waikiki, you have to eat here”

“Mmm pancakes”

“Bring your appetite”

Moose Mc Guilicuddy's

“Good place, Friendly”

“Fun place for family”

“Great place, great people”

“Best value in Waikiki”

“Great service and good, plentiful food”

“Happy hour is the best”

“Awesome burger night special”

“Two for one burger night…I’m still dreaming about it”

“Awesome food, great beer”

“I love Mooses”

“Happy hour rocked”

“Great Pub, Great food”

“The burgers will change your life”

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