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Just a little history about the gay bars in Oahu. In the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s there were numerous gay bars in Oahu. The gay scene in Oahu revolved mainly in one area of Waikiki. This area was located underneath a giant Banyan tree on Kalaimoku street between Kalakaua and Kuhio. The banyan tree was filled with thousands of tiny white lights and was enclosed by a tall wooden fence. This banyan tree and area surrounding it took up the entire corner of the street and housed two of the best gay bars in Oahu. The Kuhio side of the street had a bar called Dirty Mary’s and a restaurant called Hamburger Mary’s. The bar was in a wooden open air style building and was busy from morning till night. When you passed by Dirty Mary’s, you could see the guys sitting in the window cruising the passing tourists and drinking and having a good time. Right next to Dirty Mary’s was a quant outdoor restaurant called Hamburger Mary’s. This was a nice place to sit in the shade and have a great inexpensive meal and a few drinks. On Kalaimoku Street under the Banyan tree was Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand, the best Gay bar in Oahu. Hula’s was packed day and night. This was one of the best nightclubs around. The sounds of good music and laughter filled the streets. Many times passing straight tourists would walk in just to see what all the fun was about. Most of the straight tourists that walked ended up staying and having a great time. It didn’t seem to matter to them that it was a gay establishment. If you wanted to go from Hulas to Dirty Mary’s or vice versa, there was no need to leave. You just had to go through the adjoining restroom and you would be in the other establishment. After 2:00 am when the bars closed, everybody would walk down the street to The Wave. The Wave was a straight nightclub, but would welcome gays after hours and stay opened till 4:00 am.

Hula's Bar and Lei Stand
Original Location

Well all that is over, the property where the banyan tree stood was sold and Hamburger Mary’s and Dirty Mary’s closed it’s doors. Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand is still running strong but is now located on the second floor of the Waikiki Grand Hotel at 134 Kapahulu Ave on the Diamond Head side of Waikiki. Hula’s has dancing, go go boys and a pool table. It is open air style so you can still look at the sights on the street below, or get breathtaking views of Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head.

Hula's Bar and Lei Stand
New Location

Now there are only six good gay bars in Oahu:

1. Angles Waikiki - (808) 926-9766

Angles Waikiki is located at 2256 Kuhio ave at the coner of Kuhio and Seaside on the second floor. This bar is also open air on one side so you can see the sights of Kuhio Street. Angles is where you can book your gay luau or sign up for your gay catamaran cruise on Sunday afternoons. They also offer drink specials. Mondays they offer Miller beer for $3.00, Tuesdays Coronas are $4.00, Wednesdays Bacardi is $3.50, Thursdays Heineken is $4.00 and Sundays are shooters night where you can get any flavor of Schnapps for $2.00, Cuervo Gold for $3.00 and Jager for only $4.00. They offer a free internet terminal with fast connections and on Wednesdays at 11:00 PM they have and all Male Revue. Mondays and Tuesdays they have a pool tournament for a $5.00 entry fee. This is a fun gay bar in Oahu and a lot of hot guys usually hang out there in the evenings. I HEAR THAT ANGLES IS NOW CLOSED!

2. In Between - 808) 926-7060

In Between is smallest darkest and quietest of all the gay bars in Oahu and is frequented by local gentlemen. It is located in an alley between to larger building which is why it is called In Between. It is located a 2155 Lau’ula street. It is not far from Lewers street next to the Aston Joy Hotel. This is a very laid back and friendly (no attitudes) neighborhood bar.

3. Fusion Waikiki - (808) 924-2422

Fusion Waikiki is a multilevel nightclub featuring Hawaii’s hottest music. They have dancing and videos and serve drinks until 4:00 AM. Fusion is located at 2260 Kuhio ave in Waikiki. They have two dance floors, two Djs, pool table, darts and Karaoke and is home to Waikiki’s drag show. This place can get busy at about 2:00 AM after the other bars close. It is pretty dead until then. If you like drag shows then this is a good bar for you. There are a lot of drag queens in the bar most of the night. Check it out and see what you think, but I suggest not to go until after 2:00 AM.

4. Tapa’s Waikiki - (808) 921-2288

Tapa’s restaurant and Lanai bar is a friendly and trendy upscale restaurant located between Angles and Fusions and has a nice Hawaiian neighborhood bar located in the lanai. This is one of the friendliest gay bars in Oahu. It is located at 407 Seaside Avenue on the second floor. Tapa’s offers a nice inexpensive menu with salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and yes they actually serve tapas. The menu varies but the prices are from about $9.00 -$15.00. The bar on the lanai is a nice refreshing spot to have a drink with friends, or even make some new friends.

5. Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand - (808) 923-0669

Hula’s bar and Lei Stand is the oldest of the gay bars in Oahu. Although it is not in the original location and doesn’t get nearly as crowded, it is still a fun place to have a drink and dance. Hula’s is a beach bar and disco with spectacular views of Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach and awesome views of the hot shirtless surfers that pass by. Hula’s is within walking distance from Queen's Surf Beach. They have an Air-conditioned dance floor, videos, pool table and web-surfing. Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand is open daily from 10 AM and closes at 2:00 Am. This is a fun bar and you can meet new friends from all over the world. The tourists that visit this bar are friendly and unpretentious. Hula’s still gets it’s share of the straight crowd that just wanna have fun. Definitely worth checking out, if for nothing else at least go for the happy hour drinks.

6. Bacchus - (808) 926-4167

The hottest new gay bar in Honolulu! Bacchus is open daily 12pm - 2am. Bacchus offers a Great atmosphere, music, and a friendly staff. Bacchus is conviniently located on posh Lewers Street on the north end at the corner of Kuhio.
A new fun place to hang out for everyone!

Happy Hour is Everyday 12pm to 8pm!
Well Drinks, Domestic Beer and House Wine $3, Michelob Ultra on Tap and is always $3!

SERVICE NIGHT EVERY MONDAY! with VJ MATT at 9:00pm! Anyone in the Service Industry or Military Service gets Happy Hour Prices all Night! Jager Shots $3! The thing I like best about Bacchus is the fantastic atmosphere, nice furnishings and convinient walking location from all of the Hotels in Waikiki. Make sure to visit Bacchus.

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