The Honolulu Zoo is the Only Zoo in the United States that originates from a King’s grant of royal land to the people.
In 1876 King Kalakaua donated the land now known as Kapiolani Park to the people of Hawaii. Until 1914 the main attraction at Kapiolani park was King Kalakaua’s collection of exotic birds. From 1914 - 1916 the park administrator Ben Hollinger started collecting animals for an exhibit in Kapiolani Park. The first animals were a monkey, a honey bear and some lion cubs. In 1916 an elephant named “Daisy” was purchased for the park. She thrilled visitors and children could be seen daily riding on her back around Kapiolani Park. In 1933 Daisy attacked and trampled to death her keeper George Conradt. She was shot by police and buried at sea.

During the Depression years the Zoo almost closed, but more small animals were donated. On November 29, 1949 more new animals were brought to the Zoo. There was a giraffe, spider monkeys, an ostrich, a camel, emus, 3 sea lions, and several more species of birds. In 1974, the Dairymen’s Association donated a camel, elephant, chimpanzees and deer to the Zoo. A 42 acre boundary in Kapiolani park was set up and the New Honolulu Zoo in Waikiki was reborn.

Today the Zoo boasts 1200 animals in 3 different habitats:

The African Savannah
The Tropical Forest
The Pacific Islands

I really like this zoo as something to do for a few hours during the day. You can get some great close-ups of some amazing animals with a beautiful background of Diamond Head and a beautiful blue sky. If you would like to see bigger better pictures of some of the animals in the zoo, go to my gallery Main Photo Gallery Index.

The Zoo is open from 9:00am until 4:30pm.
Closed Christmas and New Years Day.


Adults 13 and up----$6.00
Kama’aina (locals)-$4.00
Children 6-12 ------$1.00
Children under 5---Free

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Honolulu Zoo


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Honolulu Zoo Resident


Honolulu Zoo Primate

Hawaiian State Bird
The Nene Goose

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