Ka'ena Point State Park

Kaena Point State Park is an 853 acre piece of land that wraps around Oahu’s western point between Dillingham Airfield and Makea Military Reservation. This area is completely undeveloped and home to many rare plants and numerous sea birds. Hiking to the Point provides fantastic views of the north and south coastline. Ancient Hawaiian folklore states that this point was the “Jumping off” place for souls leaving this life and entering the spirit world to meet the souls of their ancestors and passed loved ones. There is only way to reach Ka'ena point and that is a notoriously long and extremely hot hike. There are two trailheads. The south side trailhead starts at Kaena State Beach Park. The north side trailhead is at the very end of Farrington Road. Make sure you bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat and good hiking shoes.

When you get to Ka'ena Point, you will probably want to swim to cool off, but be warned there is a strong undertow, big waves and the locals say this is a big shark feeding area.

Ka'ena Point
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