Kaneaki Heiau is Oahu’s best restored Heiau (temple). It is located on the Waianae coast near Makaha in the Makaha Valley. This Heiau was originally built in the 15th century and dedicated to “Lono” the benevolent God of harvest, agriculture and fertility. There had been five renovations by the 17th century and the Heiau had doubled in size. King Kamehameha I rededicated this temple to “Ku” the God of war. As a war temple, this is said to be the site where the first prisoners of war were sacrificed.

The Bishop museum restored this site adding two prayer towers a taboo house, drum house, altar and images of the Gods. Pili grass from the big island and ohia logs were used for the reconstruction. The Heiau is located on private property but is opened to the public Tuesday thru Sunday from 10:00am until 2:00pm.

Admission is free

For further information call (808) 695-8174.


Take H1 west bound until it turns into Farrington Hwy. Stay on Farrington Hwy. until you see Makaha Valley Rd. Follow the Private Property and historic heiau signs until you reach the entrance.

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