Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch has tours and activities suited for everybody. They offer a couple different horseback rides on either the north side of the 4,000 acre ranch or the south side. Prices start at $59.00.

Kualoa Ranch Horseback Ride

This Ranch also offers ATV tours through trails deep into scenic valleys rarely visited by other people.

 Kualoa Ranch ATV Ride

You can visit a movie set and learn about the ranch’s movie history or a longer ride which takes you deeper into the ranch’s secret spots. Prices start at $59.00. The Ranch also offers a gun range for an opportunity for target practice. The ranch provides 22 caliber pistols and rifles, 20 shots each for a total of 40 shots. The price is $30.00. Kualoa Ranch also offers the following tours:

Catamaran Tour of Kaneohe Bay

The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated group of islands in the world. Using only the stars, the ancient Hawaiians traveled to these island to live about 1000 years ago. Learn about ancient Hawaiian navigation on the Ocean Voyaging tour. The tour goes into the beautiful Kaneohe Bay aboard a very comfortable 49 passenger catamaran. You will pass the famous Chinaman’s hat Island and Hokule’a Beach, the ceremonial home of the first modern replica of an ancient sailing canoe. 1 hour tour costs $19.00

Hawaiian Fishing & Garden Tour

Explore different facets of rich history by going through fields of tropical flowers, fruit trees and gardens before venturing out on Moli’I fishpond. This 800 year old 125 acre Hawaiian fishpond, is one of the largest and most well preserved ponds left in Hawaii. 1 hour tour costs $19.00

Kualoa Ranch Royal Experience

Paliku Exploration

In ancient Hawaii, Kualoa was one of the most sacred places on the island of Oahu. The dramatic mountain was named Paliku. This tour offers magnificent views of windward Oahu, Kaneohe Bay, Mokoli’I Island and the pacific ocean. You will learn the history of this area and take a short hike up to the top of the ridge for an amazing 360 degree view of Oahu. 1 hour tour costs $19.00.

Jungle Expedition

You will board your 6 wheel drive Swiss Pinzgauer and cruise along jungle trails and up the lush and remote Hakupu’u valley for some fantastic ocean and mountain views. This tour will travel through streams up hill and rough terrain to give you the best coastline views. 1 hour tour costs $19.00

Ranch & Movie Sites

You will ride by bus for a one hour narrated tour across Kualoa Ranch and into the gorgeous Ka’a’awa Valley to discover where many of Hollywood’s biggest block buster movies and television shows were filmed. You will see the Jurassic Park site, King Kong’s footprints, see the Windtalkers battleground and visit many more landmark locations. You may actually get to see some filming in progress. Maybe when you get there they will be filming the smash TV show Lost. This tour is one hour and costs $19.00

If you choose a half day or full day tour, transportation from Waikiki is included. The following are a list of the half and full day tours:

Kualoa Ranch Full-Day Hawaiian Experience Package

Deluxe Full Day Activity Adventure

Your choice of up to 4 activities (excluding horseback riding and ATV riding), a buffet lunch and transportation. Prices start at $125.00

Half Day Activity Adventure

Choice of 1 Adventure Tour and 1 Hawaiian Experience Tour.
Transportation included, round trip from Waikiki.
Each tour choice is approximately 1 hour long.
Prices start at $96.00

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