Average Rain: At Honolulu International Airport 7.10 Major Hurricanes: In Oahu, none in more than 50 years

Hours Of Daylight:
Dec. 22 10 hours and 50 minutes
June 21 13 hours and 26 minutes

Major Waterfall: Kaliuwa’a (sacred falls), 3000 feet

Major Summit: Ka’ala, 1,220 feet

Number Of Visitors To Oahu In 2000: 4,719,246

Most Popular Visitor Attraction: USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Most Golf Courses In The State: Oahu has the most, 36 Golf Courses.

Most Miles Of Sandy Beaches In The State: Oahu has the most, 50.3 miles of sandy beaches.

Largest Number Of Surfing Sites In The State: Oahu has the most, 594 surfing sites.

Largest Zoo In The State: Honolulu Zoo, with over 300 different species of animals.

Largest Number Of Historic Sites In The State: Oahu has the most historic sites, 287 sites.

Last Major Earthquake On Oahu: June 8, 1984, located in the Pacific Ocean 80 miles south of Honolulu.

Most Streets And Highways In The State: Oahu has 1,547.56 miles of roads, (36% of the total miles of roads in the State)

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