Most Oahu Luaus are located away from the crowd of Waikiki. There are a few luaus in Waikiki Hawaii, but the best luaus are located on the leeward coast or on the North shore. In 2008, I attended Germaine's Luau and had a great time. I have been to the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau numerous times and I can tell you that the show you will see is about the best true polynesian show you will see in the Hawaiian Islands.



In my opinion, The Polynesian Cultural Center Luau, is the most authentic Luau I have attended. The after dinner show is fantastic. The Polynesian Cultural Center Alii Luau is located on the North Shore in the small town of Laie. Of all Hawaiian luaus is without a doubt the most authentic luau in all of Hawaii. This Oahu luau won the highly regarded Kahili award for preserving Hawaiian culture. In order to gain admission to the luau, you must buy admission to The Polynesian Cultural Center which is considered Hawaii’s favorite visitors attraction. It is located on 42 acres. The Alii Luau starts at 5:30 pm in a secluded area within the Polynesian Cultural Center. This breezy location has it’s own lagoon and waterfall. This luau has an area where y9ou can stand and watch the Hawaiians shovel away the sand and unbury the Imu containing the pig.

The sumptuous feast follows including traditional Hawaiian food and continental cuisine. After an amazing sunset, you get to watch the show with songs and dances of Hawaii and Polynesia. I don’t know if I like this Luau or the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau the best. I think either is a great time.

Prices start at $75.00 per person including transportation.

After a sumptuous feast, you will enjoy an incredible Hawaiian/Polynesian show which includes Kahiko hula (ancient hula) which tells stories of Hawaii’s past. You will also see all of Hawaii’s musical styles past and present from the 1920’s and 1930’s and 1940’s including the steel guitar. Audience participation is expected. This show has over 100 native performers from all over the Pacific. You will also see fire walkers and fire knife champions that will leave you in awe. A flower lei greeting is included. As far as I am concerned, this luau is well worth the price.

Prices start at $75.00 per person including transportation.


Paridise Cove Luau has attempted to do what the Polynesian Cultural Center has done in providing a look at some of the Hawaiian culture to their Luau. After 21 years, this is one of the oldest and most respected of all Oahu luaus and shows in Hawaii. Paradise Cove Luau is located on 12 spectacular oceanfront acres in the beautiful Ko’olina resort on the leeward coast of Oahu, definitely making this one of the best luaus. You will be greeted with live Hawaiian music and a mai tai and then stroll through the village to learn arts and crafts of the island and play some Native Hawaiian games. You will watch as tree climbers climb the highest coconut tree to fetch a fresh coconut. Then you will head to the beach for the Hukilau. At the Hukilau, you will be pulling in the fishnet from the ocean to the rhythm of conch shells and Hawaiian chants. Next you can watch the Imu ceremony (removing the pig from the underground oven).


Germaine's Luau is a good old fashioned authentic backyard type Luau with lots of fun and entertainment which gets the audience involved in the activity. Germaine’s Luau is located on a beautiful beach on the west coast of Oahu right next the Barber's Lighthouse. Like the other two Oahu luaus, Germaine’s let the visitors watch the Imu ceremony. After the all you can eat Hawaiian buffet luau, the show begins. They have the Kahiko hula, along with modern hula. The performers are from all areas of Polynesia. They also have a Polynesian fire dancer which is always alot of fun. Audience participation is expected and a lot of fun. This is also a very nice luau for a little less money.

Prices start at $65.00 including transportation.


This is one of the newer Oahu luaus and is located in Sea Life Park by Dolphin Discovery. This luau includes 45 min to explore Sea Life Park and then you will watch an amazing dolphin show. After the show the Royal procession leads guests to Makapu’u meadow. Here you will see the Imu ceremony followed by the all you can eat Hawaiian buffet. While you eat, you can take in the breathtaking views of Makapu’u Point and the historic lighthouse, Rabbit Island and the Ko’olau mountain range. After dinner you can enjoy the Polynesian review with a fire dancer from Tahiti.

Prices start at $77.00 per person including transportation and an orchid lei greeting.


The Royal Hawaiian Luau is the only luau in Waikiki Hawaii. This tropically elegant luau begins with live Hawaiian music and mai tais on the ocean lawn within the Royal Hawaiian Hotel courtyard. Each guest receives a lei and then continues on to the all you can eat Hawaiian buffet. After dinner the Polynesian extravaganza begins. The show is dedicated to song and dance from the islands as well as those from other Pacific locations. The Royal Hawaiian Luau is only on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm. (sometimes they have it on Thursdays also). If you plan to just stay around Waikiki. This is a great choice to enjoy one of Oahu’s luaus.

Prices start at $99.00 per person including a lei greeting.

Other Oahu Luaus are available but I consider these five the best of all the Luaus.  To find out more pricing or date information,  please click the banner at the bottom of the page.

After going to a Luau and seeing how much fun they can be, you may want to plan you own luau for your next birthday party so here are some great Luau recipes that were given to me by some of my Hawaiian friends. Enjoy!

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