Pu'u o mahuka Heiau

Puuomahuka Heiau is the largest and oldest Heaiu (sacred Hawaiian place of worship) in all of Hawaii. Puu O Mahuka means “hill of escape”. This Heiau is believed to be built in the 1100’s and it is located on Pu-pu-kea ridge in Waimea Valley overlooking Waimea Bay. This temple was considered the most powerful place for the Kahuna and was put in his care. This temple is also one of two sites that the wives of Ancient Chiefs could give birth. The temple covers a 5.7 acre site and is considered a very important State Historical Site. This is the Heiau where it is reputed that the sacrifice of Capt. George Vancouver’s watering party took place in 1873.

Pu’u O Mahuka Heiau features a low-walled platform type temple with two smaller adjoining structures. This is a nice place to stop for a picnic or to just take pictures of Waimea Bay.

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