Located only 15 miles from Waikiki and is a world class marine attraction. I have been to this park with my sister and nephew and we had a great time. I really liked the Hawaiian Reef. This 300,000 gallon aquarium is a circular aquarium that you walk around as you slowly descend with each turn. As you descend you see different types of fish that live at different levels in the Tropical waters of the Pacific. This aquarium houses over 1,000 reef animals including sharks, stingrays, turtles and many different species of tropical fish including Hawaii’s state fish “ The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a”.

You will also find Dolphin Cove here, where dolphins perform in a beautiful lagoon setting.
In the Hawaiian Ocean Theatre dolphins and penguins perform in an open air Aquatic theatre.
The Kolohe Surf Club is an enjoyable sea lion show that allows the sea lions to perform their crazy antics that the whole family loves.
Pirates Lagoon is a children’s maze area with a pirate ship and playground.

Here at this marine park,they also allows visitors to participate and swim with the dolphins for around $150.00. Or if you choose to swim with the stingrays the cost is about $45.00. These prices include admission. "Sea Life" has also added the evening Luau, which is one of the top five luaus in Oahu. Here is a great link to find out more about these activities along with many others.

This park is also famous for being the home of the worlds only wolphin. The wolphin is the offspring of a dolphin and false whale. Her name is Kawilli Kai and she is a sight to behold.



Children 4 - 12--$24.99

Children under 4 ---Free

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