Waimea Falls

When I first visited Oahu in 1978, I went to Waimea Falls Park and you could park along the street and hike back through the valley to Waimea falls. What an incredible view it was to see the first glimpse of Waimea Falls. In later years it became a paid tourist attraction that I went to once. The trail to the falls was paved and you passed by some beautiful world class botanical gardens and saw hula dancers. When you finally reached the falls, you got to sit in the sun and watch cliff divers diving off the rocks into the water. I never thought that it was appropriate to make this wonderfully sacred spot into a paid tourist attraction. In 2003 the Audubon Society took over the park and turned it into a haven for endangered species. This now beautiful valley is full of rare plants and birds of the Hawaiian Islands. Almost 1900 acres are filled with lush vegetation and thousands of birds. Located across from Waimea Bay, Waimea Park has again become a must do excursion for history, nature and bird lovers. In Ancient Hawaii, Waimea Valley was full of Hawaiian people wanting to live in this wondrous sacred valley. Now you can see the well restored Hawaiian Houses on the way to the 45 foot falls. Get away from the other tourists and find a spot in the forest. You can feel the energy within this beautiful valley.

If you are in Oahu during a full moon, visit Waimea park after dark. Small groups of people walk in the darkness to the falls so they can watch the moon rise over the valley. What a magical Moment!

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